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We specialize in the distribution of aluminum railing systems to building suppliers, contractors, and home owners...


“Concept to Completion” Our focus is apartments, high rise condominiums, hospitals, office buildings; new...

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Industry Leaders

Alumarail is more than a modern marvel. We are a leader in the aluminum railing industry. Our product line is over 20 years old, and has helped revolutionize the construction industry. Abundancy, strength, versatility, rigidity of aluminum, along with ease of fabrication and hard work have given us a solid foundation of growth. Our continued efforts to provide a durable, high quality  building material system has earned us this honor. Giving the customer the product they need regardless of application or industry is very important.

Alumarail Benefits & Advantages

Engineered to be simple and versatile

Alumarail products are designed to install easily for the do-it-yourself customer or for those who want a professional install that wont break the bank.

Alumarail products are engineered to meet your city, county and state permitting requirements. They easily meet any deck, balcony, terrace, windbreaks, stairs or swimming pool applications. Alumarail is partially field-fabricated, and therefore require no factory delays, allowing installation work to begin expediently.

Aluminum Railing and Fence

More than 20 years in business

Precision Rails has been fabricating and installing the highest quality aluminum railing and fence.  Precision Rail does business with when professionalism and quality customer service.

Prefabricated Aluminum Railing and Fence

Our workshops can create custom fit railing, and fences simple or decorative stair railings, practically designed handicap railings, handrails for balconies and decks as well as many different styles of aluminum fencing.

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Distribution & Installation

We provide aluminum railing systems to contractors and regional builder supply companies. We train the sales staff of the builder supply companies and provide them with literature so that they can educate the customers. We provide multiple aluminum railing options. For example, we sell and or install aluminum railing systems that only use aluminum, while others incorporate aluminum, while others incorporate aluminum and glass, stainless steel cabbing and or wooden the sales staff of the builder supply companies and provide them with literature so that they can educate the customers. 



Commercial applications (balconies, deck railings, sidewalks, stair railings, indoors and outdoors)

  • Apartment complexes
  • Condominiums
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Parks
  • Bridges

Residential applications (balconies, deck railings, stair railings, indoors and outdoors)

  • As requested by our building suppliers
  • Most installations are done by our contractors customers
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Our Year in Review

2017 was a busy year and 2018 looks to be a match up! Here are some of the highlights of our recently completed work. Brooklyn Yard Apartments - Portland, OR Brooklyn Yard is a cutting-edge, eco-friendly apartment community in the heart

Construction Today Magazine

Featured In

"Construction Today Magazine". See our products and services at work in Seattle, WA. Kinects Tower is a 41-story apartment tower in the South Lake Union neighborhood. Read more by clicking on this link. construction-today-article

Revolutionizing The Aluminum Rail Industry