Aluminum Treatments

Our aluminum railing systems can be treated in many ways: baking enamel paint, anodizing aluminum, and powder coating.

Baked Enamel Paint

Baked enamels are generally a one-coat process. Multiple coats are an option.  The paint meets or exceeds the specifications of AAMA 2603. Standard colors materials are always in stock and all custom colors are available.

Anodizing Aluminum

Anodizing produces a decorative, soil-repellent, corrosion-resistant surface.  All colors are available.

The surface of the metal is transformed into oxide through electrolysis. The process continues until the thickness of the oxide layer is the desired thickness – usually 5–20 µm.

Anodizing is used to create:

  • A permanent new appearance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • A dirt-repellent surface that corresponds to a high standard of hygiene
  • A decorative surface with durable paint and luster
  • A smooth surface
  • A functional surface, a sliding face or an abrasion-proof surface, for machine parts, for example
  • An electrically insulating surface
  • A basis for application of glue and paint

Powder Coated Aluminum

Dry powder coating withstands high impact abrasion considerably better than wet coating. It allows for good form-ability (can be bent after powder coating). All colors are available.

Powder coating is suitable for use in open air – with high UV radiation resistance and corrosion resistance.

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