Precision Rail understands that many architects strive to create a distinctive and extraordinary space in both the residential and commercial markets. Commercial railing has many applications including condominium, apartments, hotels, office buildings and mixed use projects.

Commercial Railing Systems

Commercial railing systems use components from the Alumarail line or custom designed systems. The Alumarail line may be combined with custom design elements. Custom rail systems use associated custom extrusion dies.

Custom railing systems are an extremely popular choice for many architects. Precision Rail has maintained leadership in custom projects by rising to meet customers’ expectations using technical services and applying a “you dream it, we build it” attitude. Precision Rail facilitates this mindset through manufacturing and direct access to an expert team of die designers to help create and facilitate your projects’ custom-designed railing system. A custom railing system can go from a drawing to an extrusion die in as little as four weeks.

Our dedicated and talented team understands the requirements of any project, regardless of size, scope or location. Projects require engineered, stamped submittal drawings for jurisdictional approval. To meet this need, Precision Rail’s in-house drafters, engineers, and project management work collaboratively to provide stamped, engineered drawings for your commercial project.

Using Precision Rail’s products will help to contribute to your project’s LEED Certification by providing credits in the following categories:

  • Credit 2.1 – Construction Waste Management, Divert 50% from Disposal
  • Credit 4.1 – Recycled Content 10%
  • Credit 4.2 – Recycled Content 20%
  • Credit 5.1 – Regional Materials 10% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured
  • Credit 5.2 – Regional Materials 20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured

Precision Rail’s sales, engineering, and drafting departments use a systems approach, working closely with architects, engineers, contractors and owners to solve problems and produce products which are excellent values, structurally sound and aesthetically appealing. This approach has been key to Precision Rail’s continued product and market expansion throughout the continental USA and beyond.

Products & Profiles
Products & Profiles

Learn about our products, including aluminum, stainless steel cable, and glass railing components and accessories.

Commercial Portfolio
Commercial Portfolio

View our commercial portfolio with railing designs completed for architects, general contractors, and project owners.

Technical Properties
Technical Properties

Aluminum has revolutionized modern construction with its unique strength, durability, and lower density.

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